How much does the Loop Cable System costs?

The final cost of the system will be calculated after request.


How long lasts the warranty?

The Loop Cable System comes with two year warranty with replacement of defective parts service.

Maintenance work and travel expenses are not included.


What depth of water is needed and what is the maximum length between the pylons?

The Loop Cable System offers individual projects depending on the chosen terrain. The best system security measures are:

Wake Boarding - Length 50 - 300 m., Wide 25 to 36 m. and 1 m. or more water depth.

Snowboarding - The same parameters without the depth but with fairly flat terrain.


What is the power usage of The Loop Cable System?

To run the Loop Cable System you have to provide 3 phase / 400 volts currant.


What is my average electricity bill?

This is obviously a function of use and local power rates.

According to our experience at full load of the system, the current consumption is from 12 to 16 EUR per day.


Can the towers be placed in a lake?

Yes, but some additional parts may be needed depending on the water depth.

The system can be adapted to different locations.


How many counterweight anchors are needed for the installation?

Depends on the land profile surface, we can answer properly to this question.

Typically they are 1,5m. reinforced concrete cubic shape.


How long does the installation take?

It takes about 2-4 days depending on the complexity of the terrain and another 2 days for staff training.


What is needed to be done before the Loop Cable System can be installed?

1. Anchors must be at place, according to project.

2. Electricity must be delivered.

3. Determined operator spot near the switch board.

Our team can help about the set up requirements.


What equipment is necessary to provide for the installation?

1. Small crane or something similar for lift the pylons.

2. According to the location, there is a possibility to need a boat  - 15-20 hp

3. Human power


What is the maintenance of the Loop Cable System?

The pylons and the tensioning cables don't need any special maintenance, but you have to check them on daily basis.

Our team will provide you full maintenance booklet.


How long does it take to get repairing parts delivered?

The parts can be delivered the next day or the day after, depending of time the order was accepted.


Is there any automatic mode on the Loop Cable System?

The operating software is automated to track hours of use and allows adjustments of parameters like end points, turning points, home position, and acceleration/deceleration ramps. The speed is also adjustable in the automatic mode, any time, at any point during operation via your controller. Key element of the operating system is that with one controller you can operate two systems at the same time. If you buy one system, and then decide to buy another one, you don’t have to buy a new controller for the second, which will save you money and will be easier to operate the both systems from one place.

In addition, we offer also a Wireless Controller, which provides the same functionality as a wired controller. You can operate up to 50 meters away from your motor tower and depending on your location this can go up to 200 meters an more.


Am I able to purchase later upgrades to a Wireless Controller?

Yes you can! The system can be upgraded at any time.


Can the system be moved to another location?

Yes, you are able to move it to another location easily. Mobility of this system make it suitable for one-time events.


Can the System be used in the winter time with skiing or snowboarding?

Yes, the system is designed to be used both in summer for wake board and in winter for snowboarding.


What is the capacity of riders per hour?

Between 5 and 10 riders depending on their boarding skills






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