Infrastructure of the Wake Park


If you plan to open a wake park, you somehow think about what infrastructure you need to place in it.

So, you decided to open a wake park. Naturally, you will need to buy the equipment for a wake-park, but what else do you need? We decided to make your life a little easier and made a list of objects for the infrastructure for the Wake Park. Of course, the

list that we gave below is "the maximum program", but it is easier to delete unnecessary than to invent from a blank page and always forget something.


Actually Wake Park ;



Start area;

Tracks for derailment;

Buoys . Particularly necessary in wake parks, next to which is a beach for swimming Infrastructure:


The point of hire equipment , of course, here we also include the rolling equipment itself: wakeboards, fasteners, vests, helmets, wet suits;

Lockers for storing personal belongings .

Toilet (optional), shower (if possible);

Parking ;


Rest zone / waiting queue. In the recreation area, we recommend placing sofas, benches, chaise lounges or chairs-bags. This zone should be located in the shade, so that visitors had to hide from the scorching sun. It is even better to use awnings or awnings, which will help not to lose visitors during the rain;


Room for staff and storage of inventory (tools, spare parts for equipment, cleaning equipment, etc.);


First Aid Kit . In addition to the minimum set of medicines, we recommend that you create a means of insect bites and sunscreens in a wake park. Means from burns too will not be superfluous;


Rescue boat + trained rescuer . A boat with a rescuer is necessary in cases of injury to athletes on the water skiing track. Remember that at least one of your employees should have an official Lifeguard crust. Training of rescuers is most often conducted in swimming pools.


Children's corner ;

Sockets for visitors ;


Music, to create the atmosphere you need;

Spectator stands;

Stand with rules of safe behavior in the Wake Park

Cafe / bar.

This infrastructure will also save you from escaping visitors to lunch. If not, the opportunity to organize a cafe-bar,

then as an option, offer visitors free of charge tea / coffee or at least boiling water. Organize a mini market where visitors can find a snack;



Bath / sauna. Thanks to them, you can significantly delay

the closing of the season.

Additional sports activities:

Balance sheets;




Ping pong;

Workout playground or simulators;


Distillation into the pillow or water;

The climbing wall;




Rope park;

Playground for volleyball / soccer / streetball;

Beach / pool.


Hammock / Swing;

Board games such as janga, checkers, etc .;

Active games for a company like Twister;

Glossy magazines and / or books;

Table soccer / hockey.

Also do not forget to provide in your park places for the

placement of sponsorship advertising:



Racks with printed products;

Board for ads


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